dinsdag 14 april 2015

The best referral programs to build your downline and start earning more commissions! Join Today

Referrals are key to growing your Business, PTC Program, Traffic exchange and more

!Below you can find the best Referral Builder Programs for most service!

Referraler is a downline building program that can be used for all your programs. Get more,  much needed, referrals in any program with Referraler!

We have...
•Traffic Exchanges
•Business Programs
•Webmaster Tools
•Text Advertising Programs
•PTC Programs
•Viral Programs
Referraler Downline Builder
Everybody needs more referrals in these programs. The more referrals you have, the more money you make.   Plain and Simple!

Referraler is free to join and free to use forever. Should you want to list your own program(s) in Referraler there is a very inexpensive upgrade option that you may use. (Very Inexpensive!) You will then have the opportunity to add 3 of your own programs to any of the categories in Referraler.


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There are 2 programs you can use to build referrals for your PTC programs and social network. ProgramRefs is the first.

How do I get started?
The following instructions will guide you briefly to the steps taken to get referrals for your programs. For any specific question, use the Filter/Search function or use the textlinks below to browse through the Manual.
ProgramRefs Downline Builder PTC and Social

Step 1. Compose a list of your programs at MyPrograms.
Step 2. Get RefCredits by either signing-up to a program, buying or refering new members to ProgramRefs.com.
Step 3. Click RequestReferral from the menu and select your program from the drop-down list. Indicate how many RefCredits you would like to spend and click the 'Request Referral' button.
Step 4. Wait until you receive a message saying a user has joined your program.
Step 5. Validate your referral's subscription at the RequestReferral section.

 That's it! Five simple steps towards more referrals.

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This is the second PTC Downlinebuilder I use. Once your signed up, start doing your PTC clicks and use the complete buttons to earn points so you can build your downline.

PTC Professor Downlinebuilder

What is a ptc professor?

In a single word.... "Awesomesauce!"
It is a PTC Tool used to

1. Explode Your Downlines
2. Increase Your PTC earning potential
3. Provide Information/Training
4. Tons of FREE Advertising Resouces
5. Make Money as an Affiliate of PTCP
6. Much, Much More!

PTC Professor Downlinebuilder


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More info to come soon.

Thank you for your patience

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