zaterdag 28 februari 2015

Pinterest Social Pin It Media, Double Your Traffic & Sales From Pinterest in Less Than a Week!

Double Your Traffic & Sales From Pinterest in Less Than a Week!

Everyone is talking about Pinterest.

It's the hottest thing since sliced bread and it's time for you to get in on the action and learn how to PROPERLY use it for your business.

Pinterest Social Media Double your Sales and Traffic

How to Use Pinterest to Get Sales and Customers
Learn to Use the Power of Pinterest for Your Business
Simple Strategies for Using Pinterest to Grow Your Business

You see, it's not just about using Pinterest, it's about using Pinterest correctly with the right strategies to get big results fast.

 It's time to Use Pinterest to Get Exposure, Traffic & Sales.

Pinterest Social Media Double your Sales and Traffic

  Learn how to use Pinterest to:

•Gain incredible exposure for your business.
•Drive tons of quality traffic to your site.
•Surprising strategies to boost your SEO.
•Create consistent viral marketing for your brand.
•Post an online catalogue on Pinterest.
•Make money just by pinning!

Stop struggling and let's make you and your business a success.

Pinterest Social Media Double your Sales and Traffic

Access your comprehensive training materials to start using
Pinterest for your business here ---> LINK

• run a product or service based business and get clients online
• want to be getting results from Pinterest, but are short on time
• want a clear and concise plan that will get you results.

If you want someone to break it down for you step-by-step, show how to get more clients, this is for you.

Pinterest is the 4th largest traffic driver worldwide...
Pinterest Social Media Double your Sales and Traffic
...and you're about to get a nice chunk of it

Over 7,000 members have boosted their sales and traffic
using The Power of Pinning course.

Pinterest Social Media Double your Sales and Traffic

If you use a lot of visual material than Pinterest is a must have Social Media account. You do need to foresee your blog or website from easy to use pinterest buttons. It takes some work to get this working properly. I have only spent limited time on this but it is on my todo list. Statistics show that Pinterest has a big following and it will continue to grow.

Pinterest Fanpage
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zaterdag 21 februari 2015

Twitter Social Media, Get total Twitter Domination with this top Instruction PDF

Dear Twitter Users,

There's a lot of people out there that are wrongly convinced that it's not possible to make money using Twitter, are you one of them? There's another group of folks that thinks that Twitter has to eat up all your time.

Twitter Social Media, Total Twitter Domination
Did you know there's an exclusive group of people that are quietly laughing as they steadily earn more and more from using their Twitter accounts every day? Sure, you might have heard about the celebrities that are making HUGE stacks of cash every time they Tweet, but what about the "Average Joe" that hasn't struck it big in Hollywood? Can Joe make money on Twitter?

Twitter Social Media, Total Twitter Domination

Seriously, I had barely one hundred followers. I don't think half of them even knew who I was, and worst of all... what can you really say in 140 characters anyway? As I know now, plenty, but I was spinning my wheels and getting nowhere, fast.

Fast forward to today... Now I have multiple accounts in a variety of enjoyable, and profitable niches. Each account has hundreds or thousands of followers that want to hear what I have to share, and respond to my recommendations. The beauty is that once I set up an account, it's almost completely hands free!

Twitter Social Media, Total Twitter Domination

I've found that most people that use Twitter are flying totally blind. They have no real strategy, they don't know the secrets of saving time, and in the end they waste hours upon hour and don't have anything to show for it. If you are one of those people that has yet to "crack the Twitter code", that's about to change.

• If you've been struggling to really "get" Twitter...
• If you have trouble getting good, targeted followers...
• If you feel like Twitter is a massive time sucking black hole...
• If you're sick and tired of hearing how others make bank on Twitter but you haven't made a dime...

Twitter Social Media, Total Twitter Domination

This was on my radar from the start and it has been usefull but it also had its ups and downs. Twitter is again on the rise and for websites, bloggers and businesses again a must have. I don't use it as much as I should but for sure get your twitter account. This is a good traffic source.

Twitter Fanpage
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zaterdag 14 februari 2015

Google Plus Business, If You Had a Way of Getting Your Business on the First Page of Google?

If You Had a Way of Getting Your Business on the First Page of Google?

Today I'm prepared to teach you  TECHNIQUES that will allow you to see your business listed on the first page of Google My Business. And It Won't Cost You a Penny!

Google Plus Business How to PDF

It took me a year to learn how to submit clients and get their company to come up on the first page of Google. Over the next year, I learned to perfect my technique. When I started submitting, my success rate was 80-90%; now, I get virtually all of my clients listed on the first page of Google My Business on some of their keywords.

Is this really going to make a difference in my business?

Google is the largest Internet company in the world; when they rank a company on the first page of their listings, for a product or service, people take note. When your company comes up on the FIRST PAGE of the Google results, an eager buyer will be face to face with your phone number. so get ready to do a little internet work right now, and get ready to begin answering your customer phone calls when your ranking appears. 

Google Plus Business How to PDF

What is the Value of this Service for You?

If you're a wedding photographer, each job is worth $750.00 - $3,000.00  cash into your pocket. If you're a personal injury attorney, a single phone call can lead to a multi-million dollar settlement. If you're a builder, a single phone call may net you a $60,000.00 building or remodeling job. A mover can easily pull in $2,000 - $4,000 from a single phone call coming in from his Google Places Listing. No wonder, you're competing with 1,000 -10,000 or more businesses to get your company's listing onto the coveted first two pages of Google! , and now I am about to tell you how you can beat them all. 

Google Plus Business How to PDF

So what is this service worth to you?

The answer is far more than the 800.00 many professional companies are asking. Today, however, I am going to let you get your hands on a powerful compact  eBook, which will show you in a few minutes how to put your business on the first page of Google Places FOR FREE. The eBook won't cost you $400.00 or even $100.00; both reasonable fees for this valuable information. I'm going to let you have instant online access to this valuable tract for only $49.95, And if you act fast, and are one of the first 100 buyers, I will take off another 20.00 and give it to you for $29.95,  and that's $29.95 that will come back to you when you get your first customer, and after that every additional customer will be all profit for you, because unless you violate their policies, Google won't routinely take your listing DOWN!

Google Plus Business How to PDF

Although Google has been trying to get this more active it is still not at its full potential. Again this is a must have for any serious webmaster or blogger. Second job to do after you have a website or blog is to create a Google Plus page. This is fairly easy to setup and is the same as with Facebook. Add photo albums, make posts about your website, blog or products. The only thing you need is a Google account and you have many free and easy to use tools.

Google Plus Fanpage
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zaterdag 7 februari 2015

Facebook Social Media Site, do You Want To Reach Millions Of Highly Targeted Customers?

Top 5 Reasons Why Facebook Advertising Is Better Than Google Adwords:

1) Facebook Ads Have Better Targeting

Facebook Ads are much better for highly targeted keywords and demographics. Unlike in Google Adwords where you can use just about any keyword (which can really get you into trouble) Facebook advertising system allows you to use only the words which are in their database. This ensures that there is real potential behind the keywords that you are choosing. Facebook keywords are based on interests, activities, favorite books, TV-shows, movies, job titles etc. that Facebook users have listed in their profiles. This ensures that your ads will always have a highly interested audience for the keywords your are using.

For example, if you own a Pilates Studio in New York and want to advertise your lessons to 22-39 old women who like pilates and live in New York, or within a 10 mile radius you can do that using Facebook advertising. Try doing that on Adwords!

Google Adwords doesn’t know that much about their user's preferences and therefore they can’t target them accurately. Facebook, on the other hand knows everything about their users.
As a result of the better targeting options Facebook advertising has higher click through rates and conversions than Google Adwords.

Facebook Advertising Guide

2) Facebook Advertising Account Is Easier To Set-Up And Manage

Have you ever tried to set-up a Google Adwords account? If you have, then you'd know how difficult and awful the process is. The Adwords ad management requires a huge effort in order to use it properly. Facebook advertising system is faster to set up and it is much more user friendly.

Facebook Advertising Guide

3) You Can Use Images On Facebook Ads

A good picture is worth a thousand words. This is one of the most powerful features on Facebook Ads. The ability to use images in your ads on Facebook is a huge advantage over Google Adwords.

Facebook Advertising Guide

4) Cost Per Click Is Much Cheaper

Over the last few years Google Adwords has become very expensive. Even the medium popularity keywords are sometimes terribly expensive. For instance "email marketing" on Adwords costs $2.63 per click whereas on Facebook the average bid is only $0.78. That's almost 70% less! Generally you can get very good results using Facebook Ads at about a quarter of the cost on Google Adwords.
Facebook Ads are much more cost effective. This is great especially for small businesses trying to do online marketing without a big budget.

Facebook Advertising Guide

5) More Freedom Setting Up Your Ads

Setting up an ad campaign on Facebook is lot less frustrating than Google Adwords. As mentioned earlier you benefit from using pictures in your ads, but you also have more space for your ad descriptions. Adwords allows you to use only 75 characters, whereas you can use a whopping 135 on Facebook! Facebook Ads also allow you to use more restricted words than Adwords in terms of possible copyright issues. You can even use the exclamation mark in your Facebook ads!

Facebook Advertising Guide

Known as the biggest Social media website. When making a website or blog you should Always create a Facebook Fanpage for this. Link them and step by step add photo albums and posts on your fanpage to connect with your website or blog. This is a must do for anybody that is serious about getting viewers.

Facebook Fanpage
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